Device Management


A specific process will be implemented to assure consistent device management practices and follow up.


Our office provides device interrogations for patients that have pacemakers, defibrillators, and loop recorders. Devices are interrogated both remotely and in the office on a regular basis. Timing of scheduled interrogations are dependent on diagnosis and patient condition. These interrogations are an important diagnostic tool to help our office provide quality care.


Devices are monitored monthly, quarterly, and as needed for symptomatic issues.


Our office will attempt to assist patients in every way possible. We will send letters on each quarterly transmission with the result and date of the next transmission. We will call twice for missed transmissions. We will attempt to assist patients with monitor connection and use. Patients need to work with staff timely to assure a great outcome.


Patients who miss 3 scheduled interrogations, either remote or in the office, may be un-enrolled in the Device Management Clinic and asked to follow with another provider.