Patient Care and Follow-Up


A specific process will be implemented to assure consistent patient follow up and care.


Our office takes your health care with the upmost importance and strives to provide excellent patient care through appointments and follow up. It is important that you return any calls from our office. Not returning our calls may delay important health care. In the event that our office needs to contact you by phone we will attempt 2 times. If we can’t successfully reach you in 2 attempts the request, refill, result, etc., will be filed as reviewed in the chart and the patient will be responsible to follow up. Patients are responsible to make sure our office has the most up to date and best contact information. It’s also the responsibility of the patient to make sure an option is available for us to leave a message regarding follow up care.


Lab Tests and Results Policy

In most cases results will be discussed at the next follow up appointment. For normal results where no follow up is needed patients will be sent a letter. For those results that will require follow up patients will receive a call from our office. Our office will attempt to call you twice, if unsuccessful, the result will be marked as reviewed in the chart and we will wait to hear from you. Patient results are also available on our portal.


Prescription Refill Policy

We strive to fill all prescription requests in a timely manner and accommodate for last minute requests as possible. Staffing and physician schedules may vary the timeliness of filling these requests. Patient is to request refills from the pharmacy, allowing as much notice as possible, preferably 2 weeks. Prescription refills will be refilled within 72 hours. Patients should call the pharmacy first to verify the prescription has been filled prior to calling the office.